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The Wolf Espresso

[EXOTIC FILTER] Mulugeta Sintayehu

[EXOTIC FILTER] Mulugeta Sintayehu

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This coffee will be roasted to order and comes in 75gr  jar. The process, varietal, and tasting notes can be found in the picture.

This stunning micro-lot is produced by small holder farmers in the region of Gideo, Gedeb, a region renowned for its perfect climate for coffee growing. Fresh cherries are collected from local smallholder farmers in the surrounding villages of Kebele, Lallesa and processed anaerobically.
Red cherries are collected from local villages and hand-sorted to remove under/over-ripe cherries and debris. Cherries are placed in sealable plastic bags and then nitrogen and oxygen are removed and sealed. This process is repeated several times as more gases are produced to maintain anaerobic fermentation conditions. After this stage, the process is completed on African drying beds.


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