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[EXOTIC FILTER] Tamiru Tadesse Tesema

[EXOTIC FILTER] Tamiru Tadesse Tesema

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This coffee will be roasted to order and comes in 75gr jar. Stunning coffee that showcase the crisp, complex and clean of an unusual coffee processing.


Tamiru Tadesse has been a coffee producer for the last eight years. Originally from Bensa in Sidama, a region known for its agriculture, agreeable climate, and fertility, most of Tamiru’s acquaintances just like everyone in the region are engaged in growing coffee in their backyards and farms.
Tamiru was last year’s Ethiopian COE winner, a reward for his passion, and excellence that has elevated the profile of his small-holder farmer relationships.
“We participated in the Cup of Excellence 2021 to promote the coffee our farmers grow and to establish better market linkage and improve the farmers’ income”.
Cherries are placed in drum/fermentation tanks which hold approx. 110kg, tanks are sealed and airlocked blocking airflow which helps to remove oxygen (forming a bubble), coffee is then fermented for 96hours and then placed on raised African beds for final drying process of approximately 26 days.


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